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Originally Posted by adc100 View Post
Even evidence is no proof of guilt or Innocent. Biden will likely be convicted in the Public Courtroom because of circumstantial "evidence": He hopped on Airforce 2 to both China and Ukraine. He knew knothing about the gas industry yet got a lucrative job on the board and walked away from china with saddlebags of money. He is on camera saying there would be no quid-pro unless the guy investigating his son was fired. You can bet there will be more-much more evidence as things unravel for Uncle Joe and his young girl loving ways.

Joe said they never discussed the gas company yet is on a picture with a Company rep and his son. No "evidence" right? But you would have to have an IQ of less than 80 not to connect the dots.

I know you have to have an IQ higher than 80 but why you are asking for details of evidence that a drunken sailor can see is curious.

Speaking of people being in pictures with politicians.....