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Originally Posted by amber-katie View Post
I must say that road cycling has taught me to be disciplined..i am still a beginner and what makes it amazing is: you're fast, you're challenging yourself, you learn the ways of the road and you learn to be more respectful when you're driving your car. The scenery, seen at your own speed, and testing your limits make it all worthwhile! Love it!
And you can do it well into the later years of life!

Glad you're enjoying it! Never thought i'd like road cycling at all, but it's good fun, even in the flat environment i live in.

Originally Posted by GERMAN M3 View Post
That is great to hear Amber! 👍 Cycling definitely teaches you some self-discipline for sure. My only problem is dealing with some of the locals here in Georgia. They are not to receptive to the sport at all.
Start taking weekend trips 2h 30m north of you to Travelers Rest, SC. Loads of excellent riding up there and the people are very accustomed to cyclists on the road. Very courteous.
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