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Before I ask anything I would like for you to know that I am NOT anti LEO in any way shape or form but I really am anti “Bad Cop”. (A tid bit of my background) I have been working with the federal government (army) for going on 30 years and for a bit of that time I was a civil liberties officer for my organization. I was dumbfounded on the level of my soldiers and civilians lack of constitutional knowledge even though they took an oath to protect and defend The Constitution.
So here is my question, have you read the constitution and bill of rights?
I have used many YouTube videos of officers violating individual rights for training, because they just don’t know what rights people have and that saddens me.
Also do you know the difference between your rights vs authorities?
Example: you “may” have the authority to identify someone but many officers believe they have the “right” to do so.
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