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I live downtown in one of the country's largest metro areas, in between my city's two largest homeless shelters, both of which are four blocks away. Homeless are literally omnipresent, at all hours of the day and night.

The vast majority of homeless here are homeless by choice. If you respect them, they'll respect you. Simple as that. In Seattle that may be different because of the housing crisis there (and in many Left Coast cities), but that doesn't mean respect and acknowledgement should be suspended.

There are exceptions. The 'F the world' types like that man in the middle of the road are almost always trying to get carted off on purpose. Yes, they're disturbed -- and yes, you should give them a wide berth and do your best to ignore them as if they weren't there -- but they will almost never physically assault anyone because they know that their freedom will be gone if they do.

As for a homeless who dings your car on accident: swallow it. There is absolutely no point in doing anything else.
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