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Originally Posted by EdM5 View Post
I know americans just love their sneakers, but I prefer italian finesse.
Santoni represent:

Originally Posted by Lups View Post
I'm a female, and yet I have no idea what the hell you guys are on about, and shoes as a collection? omg.

Now I finally understand how my husband feels about me and cars. He also takes the bigger part of the closet. I'm going to have to spend some time thinking about this.

I think I'm doing it wrong! LoL
i'm not a big shoe collector or anything but i do enjoy a nice pair of clean shoes.

i don't think they're anything wrong with enjoying multiple things. to your point though, i am definitely a car enthusiast more than a shoe enthusiast by far. i question that in some of the people in this thread. lol

Originally Posted by hongsc View Post
Yeah I don't get the Jordan thing either. Highly overrated. Give me a comfortable pair of shoes and I'm good.
same. if i think something looks good and feels good then i get it. i have a lot of nice shoes but if we're talking about rubber shoes then i seem to lean toward puma's lately.

Originally Posted by P1et View Post
I hope none of my friends read these, because half of them own a pair, but Jordans are some unattractive shoes...
i somewhat agree. i think they're just average looking shoes that people buy just for the name. i think they're highly over rated with great marketing.
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