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Originally Posted by gtron View Post

i'm not a big shoe collector or anything but i do enjoy a nice pair of clean shoes.

i don't think they're anything wrong with enjoying multiple things. to your point though, i am definitely a car enthusiast more than a shoe enthusiast by far. i question that in some of the people in this thread. lol

same. if i think something looks good and feels good then i get it. i have a lot of nice shoes but if we're talking about rubber shoes then i seem to lean toward puma's lately.

i somewhat agree. i think they're just average looking shoes that people buy just for the name. i think they're highly over rated with great marketing.
Jordans just strike me as immature shoes best suited for middle school/high school kids (maybe add undergrad as well). I mean obviously the market for Jordan extends well beyond the age range I described, but that's just my impression of them.

I'm referring to casually wearing these shoes around town when you're not playing basketball (or some kind of sport). For sport wear, these shoes are totally appropriate.