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Originally Posted by JamesNoBrakes View Post
The hate is amazing. It's truly the fear of the undiscovered country. The above post makes several incorrect assumptions and references, but it doesn't matter, people are afraid because it's different, because the world is changing. The true genius is that electric doesn't matter what the power station does to make power.
Why do tesla people have this attitude? This is not how I feel or anyone else i know who isn't on the EV bandwagon. I and all my friends and everyone I know just want the best car. Ev isnt mature yet. It isnt a superior alternative either. Its an "alternative" Pure and simple. It has no benefits over ice except immediate torque and debatably environmental friendly. Autonomous can be done with any car. It's something tesla pushed because it's gimmicky gadgety and appeals to the techno nerd crowd just like the ugly iPad touchscreen, but it's not ev only, and frankly I like driving. I do not want someone or something doing it for me. But it's just another option on any car like automatic high beams.

The reason i don't like ev cars is they don't do the job as well. They were appealing when Obama jacked up oil prices to make them appealing to push his at the time global warming agenda. Now they came down because the market corrected his efforts and global warming is now climate change because the warming evidence is dubious at best and you can point a finger at any storm and say climate change so it's a safer way to bs.

They aren't now economical. They only were when gas was $4 And the government threw $7500 of my money at the sticker price. You will now save thousands buying an ice car over the time of ownership including fuel costs. Try selling an ev to a family making 50k a year by saying you need to spend thousands more, 10s of thousands more up front because it's the future. You can't. And that's the average household now on the US. They'll buy their 20k camry and be happy.

They don't perform any better, except 0-60 a couple times. In most cases they're worse.

They don't refuel as rapidly. They don't have the range. They don't tow. They don't offroad well. On and on. Are they a viable commuter vehicle? Yes. Do i only use a car for a daily commute? No. Many people don't have the luxury of having more than one car. What do they do then?

As far as wide acceptance by the general public, a car needs to bring to the table equal or better attributes and abilities. They don't which is why they've been on sale for a decade and still only comprise a fraction of one percent of worldwide car sales.

Do they have a niche? Yes. Will they improve? Yes. Will they surpass ice cars in all these categories or at least tie them any time soon? No. At the same time also, remember ice cars will be improving too. Compare a 335i today to a 330 20 yrs ago. Night and day difference.

So no, I'm not against new tech. I'm not a hater. I'm not a caveman who wants his rock. I'm not antitech. I just don't care to believe the marketing hype they are using to push these things, and from a sales standpoint, neither is the general public.