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Originally Posted by Kyngofpop View Post
I won't pass judgement on the kid, everyone makes mistakes. I'm going thru this now and I "technically" wasn't even driving when I received my dui. I was rearranging cars in my driveway and pulled one car out, and went to pull another one in all of maybe 100ft. When I went to pull the car from the street to the driveway I fell asleep in the car with it running and a "concerned" neighbor called the cops instead of coming out to see what was up which led to a dui. My driveway is private property but the section right in front of my home is a public street .

I'm not indignant and accept responsibility of my actions but each circumstance is different and we ALL make mistakes. Not condoning anything just giving some insight.

I recommend your nephew not buy a BMW until this offense penalty period is over and done and he learns not to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while impaired.

As far as insurance goes, his ONLY option right now for reasonable insurance rates will be Progressive...PERIOD!

My offense ends this February(3 year mark) but the rate on my 550i X-Drive since this incident has been ASTRONOMICAL! My insurance payment is 2x what my car payment is and in essence over the time period FAR more than what my car is WORTH on a grand scale. Progressive was the only one willing to cover such an offense at any semblance of a "reasonable" rate.

As far as these ppl saying to try the "General"...the "General" came at me with a $5600 premium every 6 months. That's $11,200/year. The General is for people with bad credit, judgements, and tax problems, not DUI's.

I'm not here to judge OP or his nephew, just to pass on from my experience in hopes that no one else makes this same expensive mistake. It'd be quite a shame if everyone that passed judgment were held accountable for the petty sins that they commit on the daily.
So you firebombed the neighbor's house, right?
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