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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
The faithful have all the proof they need. Even you as a scientifically minded person accept much that is not proven to you... or you wouldn't believe much of anything at all. You rely on faith in science. You do not require proof for your belief system. Many have had proof in matters relating to God, yet not scientific proof. That is a different realm. No proof of God is adequate for an atheist.

You could be right that it is better for Christians to simply say: I will NOT debate or reason with atheists. But that would be leaving the lost to burn in hell. Sometimes we try to help those who are in need even when they don't want help.
Science gets repeatable results. Science searches for truth. I don't "believe" in science. I practice it by thinking critically, asking for evidence and asking questions. That's why humans are where they are. Not because we accepted blindly things at face value.

Religion had it their way during dark ages.

What if Muslims are right and you and I both go to hell?
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