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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
Science gets repeatable results. Science searches for truth. I don't "believe" in science. I practice it by thinking critically, asking for evidence and asking questions. That's why humans are where they are. Not because we accepted blindly things at face value.

Religion had it their way during dark ages.

What if Muslims are right and you and I both go to hell?
In case it hasn't come through in any of my other posts, I have no quarrel with science. It has produced useful results.

What is odd is that one such as yourself who insists upon a proof for that which does not need scientific proof, will still accept much from science and also the unscientific world that is unproven. If you did not then you could not function.

It all amounts to the fact that you rejected God. It has nothing to do with proof, belief, or experience. It has to do with your decision.

You can change that decision. It does not have to be a permanent encumbrance.