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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
So you admit that there is no proof. All I need is to decide?

scottwww, do you believe in Santa? I'm not mocking, serious question.
There is plenty of proof. But that which is proof to you would likely not be proof to me. What is proof to me is likely of no concern to you. To my knowledge there isn't a proof that science would confirm.

A decision is the first baby step. The yearning for something spiritual in your life comes much earlier than the decision, just as conception takes place long before the first baby step. Perhaps that conception has already taken place in your soul.

Of course I do not believe in Santa as in Jolly ol' Saint Nick that lives at the North Pole and rides around in a sleigh with eight tiny reindeer. There likely was a St. Nicholas who was the one recognized by the Roman Catholic Church. I don't remember any time that I did believe in Santa because I was not raised a Christian, and my older siblings made it plain there was no such thing.

Last night, my family and I watched Miracle on 34th Street (the newest one in color). I have tended to distance myself from any association with Santa as a symbol of Christmas. I have never promoted Santa to my child. My wife, however has promoted Santa. This has actually been a thing that I have struggled with. I haven't wanted my child to believe in that which is universally recognized to be false before the child leaves grammar school. Believing in Santa would seem to build the idea that you can believe in something good that turns out to be a fraud.

In watching this movie, it occurred to me that believing in Santa as a child opens the human mind to accepting as reality that which does not come with undeniable proof. Perhaps having never believed in a Santa Claus is why it was so difficult for me to come to a belief in God and a relationship with Jesus. I was underdeveloped in the area of my being where the Holy Spirit dwells. Maybe this is why it was such a shock to me and all who I knew when I followed Jesus out of that life.

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