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Powerlifting and Crossfit: Best Lifts

Just wanted a thread so people can celebrate PR's and talk about the glorious sport of powerlifting/olympic weightlifting/crossfit. Squat numbers only count if you go below parallel(IMO ATG). I come from a powerlifting background but starting olympic weightlifting and crossfit last year. So considering this is the interwebs I am sure the majority of people will bullshit their numbers but I'll start it off.

Deadlift: 445 lb
Back Squat: 345 lb
Front Squat: 305 lb
Bench: 275 lb
Squat Clean: 245 lb
Power Clean: 255 lb(PR 3/18/16)
Clean and Jerk: 225 lb
Power Snatch: 165 lb
Snatch: 165 lb

Current Body Weight: 190 lb

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