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Originally Posted by zackf80m View Post
Deadlift: 515 lb
Back Squat: 435 lb
Front Squat: 315 lb
Bench: 275 lb
Squat Clean: 285 lb
Power Clean: 245 lb
Clean and Jerk: 245 lb
Power Snatch: 225 lb
Snatch: 225 lb

Current Body Weight: 240 lb
Nice! I am jealous of your snatch. It took the first few months of crossfit just to open up my thoracic spine enough to get into a decent overhead squat. My snatch is still garbage though.

Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
Deadlift: 355 lb
Back Squat: 305 lb
Front Squat: 215 lb
Squat Clean: 155 lb (I have a mental block I can't get past)
Power Clean: 165 lb
Clean and Jerk: 155 lb
Power Snatch: 135 lb - haven't tried for 1RM in a while...
Snatch: 95 lb - haven't tried for 1RM in a while...

Current Body Weight: 200 lb
Solid numbers!

Have you guys been doing 16.1/16.2? what did you think?