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Originally Posted by jmg View Post
I love how the doomsday clock resets so fast. Quick to kick them while they're down, but one wonders why we need to kick at all. Why not short and take advantage? I have no horse in this race, I bought at $245 and sold at $300 as it tumbled. It's since recovered and fell and recovered about a dozen times since. Not once did I cheer when it fell when I didn't short. It's a bit cynical to do so if you ask me.
i do not short and i do not trade on margin. when shorting you have limited upside but unlimited downside and that is not a ratio i want to trade on. secondly i have been saying for almost two years that this stock is propped up by algos and you can channel trade it from 260-350 several times but more important is the fact that i have no interest in the company, i dont like the product nor the management. same with fb. i have similar feelings on fb. i don't care if it doubles or troubles; i would never put one dime into that company. money is not the only factor when it comes to my life so simply because there are opportunities to make money i take the entire scenario into consideration and what it is that i am investing in and with whom. if i do not like what i see or who i see i do not participate. lastly, there are far better companies to throw your money into without as much headline risk or without a person like musk at the helm and associated with the brand.