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Cool video. Nice to see some views of the scene there.

A few things stick out to me about the Chinese car culture from the last ~2 decades:

1) The MASSIVE speed of development has meant that the median age of vehicles is very new, probably 6 years or so, while the US averages about 11 years old. Lots of new (and potentially corrupt) money = showing off this way

2) Because of import and pollution restrictions, there are basically no older/classic performance vehicles like the S2000, first gen NSX, MKIV Supra, older Lamborghinis/exotcs, etc.

3) The country went from heavily manual (you used to have to take your learning and license test in manual) to heavily automatic-buying in less than a decade.

4) An example of how difficult it is to transfer news across borders. One of the most recent times I visited, many people were complaining about a newly imposed "cannot ENTER intersection on YELLOW" law. Which is basically impossible according to the laws of physics, unless your intersection has one of those green-light count downs (many do). Western media picked up on this heavily:

Yet, apparently this rule changed again, as supposedly confirmed by local drivers/Chinese language media, but no one in the Western media has picked it up. So if someone just Googles in English they will never find out about the ground truth.