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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
You are well beyond my pay grade and level of competence to discuss this. Diabetes is WAY too complex for me to even begin an educated guess on the impact of the cleanse on the disease state. I'd suggest speaking to your physician after you've read all of the relevant information.

Let me know what you've uncovered.
Fine, just kick the crutch to my fat ass right out from under me without even making a tiny bit of effort. Lazy bastage

Serious, luckily you have never experienced an insulin-induced hypoglycemic event. Few things (puppies, rainbows, long walks on the beach) bring me to utter tears and crumple me to the floor like a hypo. And the accompanying lack of control and frustration . . . I haven't wanted to punch something since that time I let my youngest fall out of the shopping cart, TWICE (to put it in perspective you might understand)

From a Dr/discussion standpoint, I can't remember the last time I saw a Dr. long enough to be able to even remember that I had a question like this, never mind actually having the discussion.