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I would be kind of hesitant to try something like this without talking to your Dr. first like MK suggested.

I've done that cleanse a few times years ago. Like mentioned... the first few days are the hardest. But near the's kind of euphoric feeling and I felt like I could go days longer with no problems.

Plus with not having to worry about get so much more done in other areas.

But with being diabetic, it's hard to say as you respond differently to how it would impact your blood glucose levels.

At what point have you noticed you start feeling uncomfortable?

I mentioned in the past I grew up with both parents having it. So I had plenty of time to experiment on myself with sticking my fingers, and seeing what certain dietary changes would do. As I also mentioned before...I'm kind of a nerd in that aspect. Always interested in the effects of diet on the body's hormonal processes.

I remember going weeks in the past with BG numbers in the 40's with no adverse reactions or even feeling bad. However if one of my parent's levels were to drop that low....they would be in a world of hurt!
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