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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
40 in mg???

I begin to feel euphoric/manic about 75 There is a window before I start to lose motor control where EVERYTHING is so clear. I can't remember what it was I was contemplating though
Below about 55 is where I start crumpling on the kitchen floor, hopefully with milk or juice

Since my brain is only working at the lizard level, some of those controls in place slip and I can be Mean was something I worked towards when I was testing out Keto diets. I wanted to see at what BG levels my body started producing ketones...and how deep I could take it.

I can't recall the exact number, but I know that the brain requires an almost certain set-point of sugar in the system to function. It won't burn fat, so it turns to glycogen stored in the liver....then starts using ketones as fuel once that is depleted.

Then it will rely upon gluconeogenesis and actually convert protein to sugar through various pathways. That to me was the biggest downfall of Keto diets. If you weren't getting enough protein, your body would start breaking down muscle tissue to get the Amino Acids it needed for the process.

Not optimal if trying to body-build. Now for someone needing to lose a ton of weight and get their insulin sensitivity back in check pretty's not a bad plan as long as you try to get most of your fats in the form of healthy fats. But that is very hard to do on true keto diets. (80%F, 20%P)

You see a big drop in LDL, LLDL, Triglycerides. Unfortunately over the years, through my testing and looking at tons of seems that raising HDL levels are only slightly impacted by diet. HIIT cardio seems to work best at that.

But cholesterol is a whole other subject that is be re-evaluated at the moment. Dr.'s are seeing people with what would be high cholesterol levels come back with tests that show very low inflammation and arterial plaque levels.

And at the other side of the spectrum, they are sometimes seeing the opposite in athletes who have healthy cholesterol levels...but higher inflammation and arterial plaque levels.

Just goes to show that practicing medicine is just that....practicing!
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