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The basic stress test was done years ago. Since no other testing shows anything, I've never been refered for additional tests. Will have to WEbMD the EFT.

My dad had a quad when he had his MI around the age of 65. 90%+ blockage at teh time. Drove himself to the ER. . .
Within a few weeks I was helping him rebuild a fence on one of his rentals and kept asking: "Can *I* take a rest, and get something to drink???" He just kept going. But nowadays he has one of those pill cases with 10-20 for each day. And the edema in his lower legs is something I don't want to have anything to do with in my lifetime. But I see in myself a progression I saw in his legs at over the last several decades. The hair is now gone from ankle to about top of 1/4 socks. Starting to see some varicose veins creeping up the shins and topping the knees.

That extreme variation (40-400) in BS does horrible damage to small capillaries. It was always something I worried about right after diagnosis. Didn't want to go blind (at least not from THAT) or lose my feet. I did have a few leaks in one eye, but a quick shot of laser light about a decade ago and no new leaks.