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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
The basic stress test was done years ago. Since no other testing shows anything, I've never been refered for additional tests. Will have to WEbMD the EFT.

My dad had a quad when he had his MI around the age of 65. 90%+ blockage at teh time. Drove himself to the ER. . .
Within a few weeks I was helping him rebuild a fence on one of his rentals and kept asking: "Can *I* take a rest, and get something to drink???" He just kept going. But nowadays he has one of those pill cases with 10-20 for each day. And the edema in his lower legs is something I don't want to have anything to do with in my lifetime. But I see in myself a progression I saw in his legs at over the last several decades. The hair is now gone from ankle to about top of 1/4 socks. Starting to see some varicose veins creeping up the shins and topping the knees.

That extreme variation (40-400) in BS does horrible damage to small capillaries. It was always something I worried about right after diagnosis. Didn't want to go blind (at least not from THAT) or lose my feet. I did have a few leaks in one eye, but a quick shot of laser light about a decade ago and no new leaks.
Just a measurement of how effective the heart chambers are pumping and shows what condition the heart muscle itself is in.

My dad had the laser on his eye awhile back too.

As for the edema, hopefully you are already taking something preventatively such as HCTZ which is a very mild diuretic. My dad didn't go that has to rely on Lasix...but that can screw up other levels of things if not careful.
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