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Originally Posted by irishbimmer View Post
MK-I had some friends doing this back in the early 2000's and they were amazed that I did not due to my condition. My thing was eating healthy and exercise, which understandably is not possible under many work environments.
I think fasting is great for the body and I no longer do that since I'm off the competitive list.
However, I'd like to say that if your body is normal, the belief that this potion clears out years of stuff from the colon is a fallacy. Its excreted quite frequently. That just isn't the way things work, but I am glad you feel so great!!!

I agree. Just make sure you are getting enough fiber in your diet everyday, and you should be golden. Back in my competitive days, I figured with all the protein I eat......what could it hurt especially since I know I wasn't getting enough fiber.

But I have known guys who went in and got "roto-rooted" about a week before a show. It did drastically cut down on any bloat they had going on in their mid-section.
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