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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
My conversation with Grumpy Old Man prompted me to create poll based on the following premise:

The current field of the DNC candidates for the nomination to be the DNC's 2020 Presidential candidate is lackluster in the extreme. None are electable on the national level with the exception of Biden and MAYBE Bernie who are both pretty old, non-vigorous, and generally unappealing to the vast majority of the less vocal members of the party. For weeks I've been thinking that this would be an excellent opportunity for HER, yes...Hillary Rodham Clinton, to come in at the last moment of qualification, SWOOP IN, and take the nomination. All of the elements are in place:

1. Universal hatred for all things Trump by the current Dems.
2. Lackluster panel of candidates.
3. An unelectable platform...the Green New Deal is a complete loser, nationally.
4. No candidate that is clearly and passionately loved by the national rank-and-file.
5. The nostalgia factor of having another shot at the Oval Office. Redemption. Revenge on the Evil Trumpsters.

I'm adding a poll to see if people think I'm absolute nuts in thinking this as well as assess whether or not it could work.
So interestingly Run Silent has just started a post indicating that Elizabeth Warren seems to be the front runner and he's attached much of her primary platform. This is all very interesting.
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