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Originally Posted by glennQNYC View Post
Six rounds doesn't seem sufficient to me. Even the current ten rounds max NJ limits us to isn't sufficient... and the police obviously agree. That's why they're exempt from this limitation.
Well the problem is 90++% of folks that carry concealed are not trained to dispense many rounds and to need to do that your shooting skills suck or you are involved with multiple shooters.

With multiple shooters, totally probable that you need to get out of the area and take cover. And remember the likelihood is very remote you will ever need to fire your firearm. And then confront multiple shooters. Like winning the lottery 3 times in a year.

If you are concerned get training. As I have mentioned, I am a trainer and have spent over $4000 on training in the last 5 years. ten's of thousands of practice rounds.

I carry a 380 with a six round mag. I am better trained than the vast majority of cops in FIREARMS. They don't do that much training.

The reason cops need that much firepower is bc they are likely to be confronting an active shooter and then rush in where foks like me "should" be running the other way. I get weary of the Wyatt Earps (not you) bemoaning the need to carry 17 round mags. Hey carry extra mags. Takes under 2 seconds to drop a mag, insert another and fire some more.

Originally Posted by jillcooper View Post
Okay I guess you're the perfect example of one of the idiots who don't understand & just blurt out an Answer.

It's not just about me or my siblings. its about your children, your brothers children or may be one of your friend whose going through college. or any other american child whose unable to afford college.

It's about each & every American child out there who wants to be educated but can't because they are not able to afford education.

It's not just about me so, first of all, let's try to be civil here.& think about the bigger picture.
You are part of the wave of folks needing to be rescued from yourself. Go to a community college, go in the army like 2 of my grandsons, take courses other than psyc.

I determined in HS that I would never never never be poor. (significant emotional event). I won't be paying for your free shit bc politicians need us old farts to keep them in power.