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Originally Posted by jillcooper View Post
Okay I guess you're the perfect example of one of the idiots who don't understand & just blurt out an Answer.

It's not just about me or my siblings. its about your children, your brothers children or may be one of your friend whose going through college. or any other american child whose unable to afford college.

It's about each & every American child out there who wants to be educated but can't because they are not able to afford education.

It's not just about me so, first of all, let's try to be civil here.& think about the bigger picture.
Yeah I was one of those kids. I joined the USMC and took the GI Bill option when enlisting. I did my time and afterwards went to a state school. I only had to attend 3 years because my MOS was realated to my major. In the end I paid very little out of pocket. And because I was wise with my money, I saved quite a bit while enlisted.

So I cannot say my heart bleeds for the kids who cannot afford college. If you are dedicated to a cause then you will get shit done. There a millions to be had in grants and scholarships as well. Maybe these kids should focus less on trying to be a victim and more on getting shit done. Like the DIs used to say, "save the drama for your mama and push" because no one gives a shit about your "why i cant" sob story.