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Originally Posted by gjm120 View Post
Everyone mentions free education in European countries. I don't know about Germany, but, in most you have to have very good grades and test scores, there isn't a university on every corner and there aren't a bunch of hucksters who will find more and more ways to sell a useless degree to some naive person and get the gov't to pay for it. (This is the US - we are and still are full of snake oil salesmen.) So we aren't Europe and will never be like Europe so things need to be thought out in that context
Let me explain how it worked in Communist Poland. You went to Liceum after you finished the 8th grade. By year 2 of Liceum you would see where you measured up.. You could than choose to go on with the program or enter a trade school. If you chose to stay than you would do 2 more years and have then take the Matura. This was something akin to the SATs but on some serious steroids. I covered all 4 years of your education and it had written and verbal presentation sections. There was no faking the funk, you either knew your shit or you didn't. Fuck up the Matura and your dreams of college were over. Oh and you only had one shot at it (now you get one re-examination).. To enter the university selection process, you had to score high on the Matura, have high grades through the 4 years, and be recommend by your teachers. Universities themselves were NO joke and just because you got in did not mean you were going to finish. Believe me those who did make it fucking earned those degrees. Process is still pretty much the same in Poland these days.. I guarantee if we did that in the US, university class rooms would get quite spacious.