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[QUOTE=jillcooper;25198550]1: Dude, I keep saying this again & again I'm not broke, neither do I need any one's charity. I'm really well off & I'm done with my student loans & living a great life.

4: It's not just about you & me In this scenario. It's about the people who end up in burger joints working 80 hours a week paying back their loan while juggling their studies at the same time.

Ok right there.. What the fuck are you talking about? Having worked 16hr days for weeks at a time during hurricane/storm recovery I can assure you no one that works that schedule goes to school. People that pay their way through school either work full time and go to school part time. Or work part time and go to school full time. The tuition is paid by YOUR LOANS so it is not like you are paying out of pocket, up front. And loan payment is on hold till after you graduate; you do have the option to pay down your loans while in school but this is not compulsory. I started college in my 20s and had quite a few older folks in my class and none of them worked an 80hr schedule. The fact you wrote this means you have no idea what you are talking about and I guess your college was paid for by Mommy and Daddy LLC, and by the way there is nothing wrong with that.

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