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Originally Posted by wdb View Post
You both have had PERSONAL FIREARM events where you have NEEDED more than 6 rounds? Wow. I'm glad I don't live in your neighborhoods.
My first time out at a friend's private shooting range with my first pistol, my friend/instructor thought that it would be a good idea for me to start out at 25 yards (75 feet)...with an out-of-the-box unsighted firearm...and shooting at a tiny handgun target meant for 25 feet (~8 yards). After 40 rounds, he pardoned the paper...with the staple marks as the only hole in it.

Before you laugh, it was actually an eye-opening lesson once I thought about it afterwards. That paper was about the size of center-mass on a person, and the distance was 3-4 room doors away in a school/hospital/hotel hallway. In an active shooter scenario and no practice, I couldn't hit the bad guy from more than one room away! Look at the history of pistol duels @ 10 paces (60 feet), where some ended in stalemates after three shots each with no hits.

Long story short, I don't have any law enforcement or military background, nor do I have any range experience in high-pressure situations. If I were ever in a hallway active shooter engagement, I would probably need more than 6 rounds just to get on target...if I lived long enough to get them all off.....
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