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Originally Posted by schoy View Post
Those who posted that she shouldn’t have been found guilty of murder but instead should have gotten manslaughter have no idea the legal difference between the two. The facts clearly tick all of elements of murder. There was clear intent to kill; there was nothing reckless about the act that would have pushed this down to manslaughter.
It was not murder. The woman entered the wrong apartment and shot the occupant thinking she was in her home and he was an intruder. Clearly she is a fool and had NO business being a cop but she did not intend to murder this guy. She was overcome by fear, adrenaline, and fatigue; which in turn caused her to make a horrible judgment call. The media is making it seem like she walked in there Hitman Codename 47 style and started dropping rounds, no questions asked.. It was a fucked up chain of events that cost an innocent man his life but this was not intentional .
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