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So the guy up the street from my girlfriends house has a detached three car garage and he has several classic mustangs that I've seen there. I have always admired them from a far. Well today after mowing her lawn I have to my car and headed up in that direction and I see a Ford GT parked in the driveway. That was enough. I parked right in front of his driveway and turn my hazards on. Got out and introduce myself. He's got a 2006 Ford GT with 13,000 miles on it. He says that's high mileage for that kind of car. It's still A $200,000 car. This guy lives in a very modest house. He must spend all his money on his cars. Should have snapped a picture but I thought it was bad form. That is all.
Just out of interest, what would you consider a "very modest house" be worth in that area?