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Originally Posted by SteveinArizona View Post
Housing prices have gotten much more expensive in recent years and many employees such as you describe can't afford a house. So they spend what they would have spent on a mortgage on a car payment.

Is that what I would But I am 74 and debt free. I feel sorry for the next generation. The US dream is rapidly failing and the new generation will have trouble living up to the standards of their predecessors.
Well when I was 20 I could not afford a house either. But instead of saying F it and buying a corvette, I started saving to have a down payment. Then I transferred so I kept saving, so instead of just a down payment, I could afford a 10 year loan on my first house which I paid off in 7. Made a little profit on that house when I sold which I rolled into my current house that I then had almost no loan for.

While I agree that times are different now, throwing their hands up and saying F it I'll just buy a new car every other year and take the depreciation up the whazzo and then go protest at how "unfair" life is will not help their situation.

You certainly did not get to 74 and debt free without sacrifices - I'd have to guess you made a lot of them. Today's generation seems to be unwilling to make any sacrifices when it comes to their long term happiness.

I worked for $3.35 per hour for a few years as a kid (minimum wage) and I bet you were paid even less at one time. They also have to look in the mirror and make wise choices. It can still be easily done, but you have to be willing to sacrifice like we did.

We hired a couple of high school kid brothers to mow our company lawn 5-6 years ago. They busted their butt with their 2nd hand equipment and did a great job and we spread the word. They worked nights, weekends, holidays (snow removal) whatever it took. Now they are in their 20's and have a crew of about 20 guys, have at least 1/2 the businesses in town and a ton of residential. They do landscaping, mowing, snow removal, etc. New nice equipment and the whole nine yards. They were not at home playing video games or leaving at 5 to go drinking - they sacrificed and busted their butts and have a thriving business now. They took the opportunities that the USA offered them and applied the right amount of sweat and made it happen.
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