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Originally Posted by other_evolved View Post
Multiple reports (WSJ, Bloomberg, Reuters) suggested some of the optimism surrounding US-China trade truce touted by President Trump last Friday may have been a bit overdone. Deal leaves in place US tariffs on $350B+ of Chinese imports, allows China to kick down the road key concessions, including on industrial subsidies, it does not want to make. Beijing never confirmed the $40B-$50B of US ag purchases highlighted by Trump, while US ag industry experts skeptical. Bloomberg reported China wants more talks to hammer out details of the "phase one" trade deal, may push for US to scrap December's new tariffs.

The Oval Office announcement of a phase one trade deal was "contingent on it being written," Trump said, with no apparent irony.

I agree. It seems like I've seen this movie before. Kind of like China trade war Groundhog Day.

The Chinese just wants to play delay tactics until what they hope to be a new US president after 2020 so they can get a better deal like Obama who just let them have whatever they want. Obama probably went to bed with the silicon valley crowds who may not always have the best of interest in term of national security. Idealism and nationality are not always mutually inclusive.
Warren with all the tough talks of protectionism will probably follow the same O path lols.

Trump with all his antics is probably our best hopes.