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Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
Jason Cammisa's opinion of cars is the only one I consistently agree with. Often I feel like other reviewers opinions are so far off that they're driving different cars that me.

I don't think he's chasing shock reviews-- just giving his honest opinion instead of kowtowing to the car companies with the hope of being invited to future events.

... but, in this case, the MotorTrend and C&D reviews said very similar things if you read between the lines. Everyone said it understeers till it spins, has shitty steering feel, and has shitty brake feel. I don't care about acceleration-- I care about feedback and limit behavior. So far... the C8 isn't delivering on that front, according to all reviews.
(I also care about a responsive engine, and it does seem to be delivering on that front, unlike... every non hybrid turbo car made)
Well, well agree to disagree. I often dont agree with his opinions when driving the cars hes driven.

As for the C8, if you were expecting knife edge, GT3-style feedback, yeah this is the wrong boat. Lol