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Originally Posted by Ximian View Post
Formula 1 has been carbon neutral for some time, from the cars using fuel on track to moving all of the cars and equipment around the world -

I don't see how it's hypocritical for Hamilton to be a part of Formula 1 and to also promote being more conscious of our consumption. Even if he quit F1, lived in a house built from twigs and mud that he made by hand, and ate only salted yard waste, people would still call him a hypocrite because people suck.

At the very worst, what he's saying doesn't impact you in any way. The best outcome of this is that he helped convince a few people to try changing a few things in their lives to consume less. Every little bit helps.

I remember when a few "adults" complained about kids learning to shut off the water taps when brushing their teeth and telling their parents to do the same. As if that change is such a hardship
Good point about economising...I don't go about saying I save on this, pay less for that, am never late and NEVER eat red meat