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Originally Posted by ppointer View Post
Here are what I have. Apologies for the orientation; could not seem to fix it.
Nice! Loving the finish on that MM. Always have had a soft spot in my heart for Rickenbacker.

Originally Posted by ntgarage44 View Post
OK, here's the full arsenal! From left to right:

Fender Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster aka "Blackie" - Best friggin' Strat I've ever heard in my life. Plugged into an Orange Rocker 32, it's unlike anything else. I'm generally not a fan of active pickups, but these do wonders for this beast. Doesn't have as much twang as other Strats, so maybe that's why I love it so much.

Gibson Les Paul Traditional Honeyburst - Easily the best tone in the collection, classic staple. Any guitarist should own a LP at least once in their lifetime. So worth it.

Epiphone ES-333 Tom Delonge Signature - Total outlier, but the greatest for playing punk rawk with your mouth open and tongue out after a day of chasing aliens, just like the legend himself. Love him or hate him, his influence on pop and rock genres was unquestionable. The quality and color of this guitar is complete crap, but it easily is the most fun to play on distortion and messing around.

Fender American Pro P bass - The color and tone of this bass is why I keep it. Strung on flats, nothing cuts through with the punch of a P bass. Took me a while to appreciate them, but boy do I now.

Fender American Pro Jazz bass - So much style and speed. Thin, fast neck, jazz bass growl strung on Ernie Ball hybrid slinkies, and the natural finish is to die for. Perfect for a jazz bass.
Nice collection!

Originally Posted by upstatedoc View Post
Ok here it is along with my original painters cap from the 1984 tour. 😂😂
+1 for the BC Rich not being a Warlock. That Fender strap does everything for that guitar.