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Originally Posted by bd307 View Post
What's wrong with that? Don't tell us you don't and have not laugh at someone even once who is not on the same side as you.

This is the problem of people pretending they are so clean nowadays.

Problem here is Biden is clearly not fit both physically and mentally, but he is pretending he is. If you are honest, do you want him to be your president?

BTW, we are talking about politics here so I see nothing is wrong with it.

Would I take Joe over Trump? Yeah.

The problem is that if you support Trump - and haven't called him out for the myriad instances that he has done exactly this and worse at his own pep rallies, you need to shut the fuck up about Joe doing it.

Trump supporters have zero moral high ground when it comes to mistreatment of rally attendees, or the endorsement of the same, by the politician hosting the rally. If that doesn't apply to you, cool. It applies to several folks in this thread, though.

I suppose a Trump supporter would call what Joe did "just punching back" if it was the Donald instead.

I think it's bad form and bad press regardless of who does it, personally.