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Originally Posted by WestRace View Post
I agree the part about "getting things done", but other than the tax deal early in his administration, I am not sure he was able to get anything done in a major way. Healthcare, North Korean, Trade Deal are still up in the air. The impeachment is getting in the way of any real progress in policies. I personally don't think anything things will get done after the election. Even if Trump wins, the dems will make sure Trump will fail.

But I do give that he has not "screwed up" in any policies, and has not done any crazy left wing things. Between him and the dems, I would probably still vote for him because even if not getting anything done is better than any of the stuffs Warren wants to get done.

I like Mayor Pete but he's too young and too ideal and his idealism is not something to go up against Putin.
A lot of the global policies are actually taking a toll overseas in many countries (especially Asia), but no one is reporting them here. For example, South Korea has signed a few big deals with China just few weeks ago. This pissed off NK big time.

How does it have anything to do with Trump? Think tariff.