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Runners Post

I have to take a PT test on the 9th. I need to run two miles in 16:36 for my age group and it will be outside in PA. The run is a straight concrete sidewalk mile, turn around and run on the same side back. Info for ref:

-I am running on a treadmill, my most recent time was 15:23 on a brand new super high tech treadmill (which I hope is accurate minus the terrain smoothness but the sidewalk is pretty smooth)

-I am wondering, to improve my two mile time FAST should I run as fast as I possibly can the last quarter mile on the treadmill to improve? I am going to run tomorrow, Sunday and Tuesday and then have a 2 day rest of everything for the run next Friday.

-I know I am beating my time by en entire minute on a treadmill but I am worried that variables such as my paranoia, the weather/running outside will force me to tack on time.

-I get very nervous for PT tests even though I have never failed one in my life (knock on wood) but I am wondering if I get into the high 14:00s (14:50) or so if I should feel confident that I can easily pass the run outside so what do you think?

I have the choice to run on an indoor track but I am told that the air is very dry and sucks more than running outside where it may be cold but the air is flowing. I am choosing to run every other day because I am nursing shin splints, if I have enough time in between runs they don't bother me much otherwise I'd be running daily until that bitch.