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Originally Posted by Tondtar View Post
The only stat you need to know :

Been to the gym a total of 4 times since beginning of the year...

Shame...Shame ...I know
It's all good as long as you apply yourself. I just hate the first couple of weeks during Jan because of all those new resolutioners packing up the gym.

I wish I took some pictures of my progress because seeing yourself daily, it's almost impossible (at least for me) to see the progress. I started out at 210 lbs and 30% body fat in Sept. and some of my friends that I haven't seen in several months swore I got lipo, lol.

For those who have a 24 Hr Fitness nearby and is a Costco membership, Costco has an awesome deal that's going to expire at the end of the month. $300 for 2 years membership at any 24 Hr Fitness excluding the Ultra and Super Sport.

I love going to the gym at odd hours and there's only 10 other guys in there with you. You get so much more done.