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(Will respond to you in about an hour and a half BoostedBMW, have class soon and need some time to figure out # of cals, etc).

Originally Posted by Dillusion View Post
My delts wont get any bigger, I have no idea why. No matter how many shoulder exercises i do and how much weight I do, even with over 100g of protein per day they just wont budge...

And by shoulders I dont really mean a full delts to traps routine. I mainly just do traps because well; everyone likes huge traps
The reason they aren't getting any bigger is because you're not allowing enough rest time in between your shoulder workouts for them to repair. At least 48 hours I think is needed for shoulders, but I'd wait 72.

Originally Posted by ejazbmw View Post
lol fuck that man i'm still young and I'm not really fat or at least i don't look it, your diet is to hardcore for me. Maybe when i get in my mid 20's i'll start to look out on what i eat
It's all about the mentality dude. If you have goals, like myself, and want it badly enough. You will do whatever it takes.