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Originally Posted by Big Windy View Post
i am trying to look at this from all angles, and i can't see how this is even remotely prudent. especially given the state of the economy (and several organizations either already backing out or contemplating getting out), this is even more reason for semi-successful and not-so-successful teams to give up on F1. if F1 is going to highlight the 1st place winner this way, all of the other higher ranking teams are always going to be in the shadows, and it is going to be that much harder to move up and be recognized. not to mention the fact that viewers aren't going to give two craps about any races after 1/2-3/4 during the season once the winner is determined.

whoever did this either knows something that we don't, or is a complete fool. FAIL.
Given its Bernie who promoted this idea and implement it...i'd take the later....he's also the one put the Malaysian GP at 5pm local which eventually there's only 1/2 race coz heavy downpour....but he justified the TV ratings in Europe went up 300% and gained more than 50% market share...something like its all about $$$$$$,189...273447,00.html