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There are always teams and players/drivers dominate in sport at times. Some that came to mind are Manchester United, Schumacher, Australian Cricket Team, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, Williams, Pete Sampras and Roger Federer, Valetino Rossi. If one team is going to dominate like some of the eras, they are going to dominate regardless of what point system there is.

I actually believe the placing systems would actually encourage better racing in F1. What it needs is a full count back system. Which means even when you are at the back you will still have to race for an extra place. There should be more points for the constructor titles, may be up to the top 10 and close up the points to keep at least one championship alive even when there is someone or a team dominating. Having a hybrid system is just confusing and silly.

So the winner of the championship would have the most race wins, if they are the same, it will count their most 2nd place, and so on. This format should be use for all the subsequent placings of the driver's championship. That means, every place will count towards the end. Every DNF would also count as well so that everyone knows that they have to finish the race - a place 20 would be better than a dnf.

What F1 needs is a set of rules that doesn't change much, with a good set of equalisers that would limit team dominance. Things that are found that has been good in other sports are salary caps/budget caps. The other one I can think of is open source - but not sure how well that can be implemented.

If you've got bad rules and allow one team to dominate for too long, then doesn't matter what point system you have.

Forcing F1 to have standardized body parts are just silly, as that defeat the purpose of F1. F1 is suppose to be a marketing exercise for the car manufacturers anyway. Ferrari, will not be here without F1. F1 is all about technology as well. I think the biggest problem with F1 today is Bernie Ecclestone as he owns the right to F1. What F1 need is an independent body that will share all earnings back to the team to fund the sport and a budget cap could be set that way.

If I am running F1, then I would be looking at developing technology that is relevant - Fast and Green - ie have limited fuel for the race and set a budget cap. Have a rough technology guide to promote racing, and an open source for certain design elements.
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