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Originally Posted by The1 View Post
he's a big baby, I have a lot of pictures of him licking someone. Or he just really wants the salt off their skin... She has him trained very well. She's actually taking him to Ocala Florida this week for about 2.5 weeks just to try some new things and get more experience.

I'm going to drive down and visit, good opportunity to go to Disney and Universal

The barn is pretty decent, it's very functional, however, the people that have it are stingy, and they won't turn the heat on in the ring ever, or really even turn on the lights. Anything to save a dollar.

There's some pretty fancy barns around her, but i hear a lot of horror stories where people go all out on the barns, and then forget to make them functional.
Ohh I guess yall pay to have him boarded? I'm about to have to do that for a few weeks, spraying my pasture for burrs. That barn makes mine look like Motel 6 though. Closet thing I got to a heater is closing the door and putting blankets on them, here in Texas it really isn't an issue though.

Both my walkers are young, about 3, and one is so well mannered but the big guy is a jerk. I'm actually thinking about selling him to get another one, I don't have the time to train him and ride daily. He never licks either, but he does try to bite. I love him all the same though, and really don't want to sell him. He just bites so hard that he takes pieces of fur and skin off the other walker, and he's got no manners. He's given me a bloody nose plenty of times throwing his head around, (you'd think I would learn) and nearly tramples me when I put pellets out in the feeder.

Haha Disney and UNi will be fun, especially having your horses with yall. Maybe if you buy 2 extra tickets you can ride them in the park
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Straight PIITB. Then eat dumplings.