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Originally Posted by Augenbrauezug View Post
Ohh I guess yall pay to have him boarded? That barn makes mine look like Motel 6 though. Closet thing I got to a heater is closing the door and putting blankets on them, here in Texas it really isn't an issue though.

Haha Disney and UNi will be fun, especially having your horses with yall. Maybe if you buy 2 extra tickets you can ride them in the park
lol, yeah, the horses are definitely being borded, we're still a bit on the young side to have our own place with open pastures for the horses. It's a nice dream

You definitely don't need any heating for the horses there in Texas. We haven't had any major cold spells this year, but that just means we've never really gotten below 0 degrees farenheight

some of the horses here get their necks and bodys covered for warmth. Where my girlfriend is from (nova scotia) they are cloaked with the neck and body covers basically all winter long, it's a lot less common here. The cold just isn't as bitter and bone chilling.

would be funny to see peoples reaction to the horses having a crap walking down the boulevards in Disney.