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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
Wait, I thought jail was supposed to be PUNISHMENT ???
While I didn't care for custody, there is merit to requiring deputies to work the jails before going to patrol....IF they desired to go to patrol. The reason why I say that is because criminals are animals. If you've grown up sheltered, never been in a fight, know nothing about how gang members act and how the gangs operate, nor how to "talk" to a gang member, jail is going to be trial by fire. A gang member can size up somebody who's green in about 10 seconds, and within those 10 seconds decide if you're the guy they respect or the guy they assault. People have quit during their first week working custody. No gun, no baton, etc......only OC spray, cuffs, maybe a taser.......and your ability to de-escalate using your gift of gab. If shit hits the fan - and it will - you better be able to handle business should personal weapons need to be employed (...e.g. hands/feet/fists ). Everybody thinks they can fight until they are punched in the face, and if you've never been punched in the face or had somebody actively resist you and attempt to really hurt you, that's going to be a serious reality check the moment you're in some inmate's (...or gang member you've pulled over who doesn't care that you have a uniform on, and wants to take his chances and try to kill a cop) crosshairs. You are ALWAYS outnumbered in a jail facility; often 3 deputies to 40+ inmates. If you're scared, they'll know it. Additionally, criminals love to talk. They'll tell you how they choose victims, how they commit crimes, how they find women to sex traffic, etc. You learn so much. Custody also erodes at any empathy you have for hardened criminals once you look into their history and deal with them on a daily basis. It's really good preparation for dealing with them on the street.

I had gangsters in my family and grew up around them. I also hung around cops a lots and then worked the streets before working custody, so I fell right into step once I was assigned to the jails....... and I worked a facility that is as much a psych facility full of crazy people (...thank you state of California; I did not sign up to be a psychologist, psych tech or orderly) as it is a facility with hardened GP inmates. After a week I felt like I owned the place. I was rarely tested, but that's because they knew........I was always down to get down. They also knew that if I was going to get into force and have the brass reign down on me from the Eiffel Tower for which they sit, my partners and I were going to finish whatever they started, and it would leave a lasting impression. Interpret that how you want.

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Before I ask anything I would like for you to know that I am NOT anti LEO in any way shape or form but I really am anti "Bad Cop". (A tid bit of my background) I have been working with the federal government (army) for going on 30 years and for a bit of that time I was a civil liberties officer for my organization. I was dumbfounded on the level of my soldiers and civilians lack of constitutional knowledge even though they took an oath to protect and defend The Constitution.
So here is my question, have you read the constitution and bill of rights?
I have used many YouTube videos of officers violating individual rights for training, because they just don't know what rights people have and that saddens me.
Also do you know the difference between your rights vs authorities?
Example: you "may" have the authority to identify someone but many officers believe they have the "right" to do so.

Well that depends on the case law and what we are talking about. I pay attention to case law that affects me professionally. Briefings are almost always about case law and/or changes to it. I need to know how to get into someone's pockets, into their vehicle, what my "keys to the castle" are, etc. I need to know that I can have your blood drawn without your consent or that there's cases being heard currently that may allow me to pull over a car for certain reasons under the suspicion that it's the registered owner driving the car. Unless you're a lawyer/DA/etc., or just someone who really loves law, a person isn't going to know the entire Constitution or Bill of Rights off the top of their heads any more than I know the entire California Vehicle Code or the California Penal Code books off the top of my head. I DO, however, know the most common violations though.

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I was at my first department 7 years and I've been at my current department a little over 2 years. When I switched I had to work custody first - hence my jail experience - and now I'm back on patrol. After a few years on patrol I'll move to detective bureau/SVU.
My brother did the mandatory jail service as well....some of the stories I heard were crazy. He's on patrol now...and I still hear crazy stories.

All my Dads side of the family went into LE, and all my Moms side were career military.

It's like a family affair in our little area. I think I'm the only one who didn't get into it although my daughter did marry the son of our local county's SWAT team leader...and it so happens that his Uncle is the County Coroner.

I have nothing but respect for you guys. I used to teach self-defense classes for a lot of the LE in our area...well at least the ones who wanted to take their training a little farther.
Your family is one of service. That's excellent. I commend anybody willing to get out there and defend the law abiding public or defend this country.

Many, many men and women of law enforcement are martial artists and/or tacticians. You have to train something or these streets will eat you alive. Thanks for helping us in that manner.

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I was dumbfounded on the level of my soldiers and civilians lack of constitutional knowledge even though they took an oath to protect and defend The Constitution.
here's an easy rule of thumb to follow: don't talk to the cops no offense sedan
Lol! No offense taken.