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White Americans are the largest population on welfare.

Where shouldthey go?

BTW Illegals are not eligible for a lot of Federal aid like Welfare.
Wrong... A friend of mine just yesterday from Californica just told me a family of illegals gets 4800/month NOT including housing allowance... Please... And the Americans on welfare, well, you said it... They are Americans and the fact that they are white or black should not matter... Whites are the biggest recipients? Well, I think up to now, they are still the biggest ethnic group (around 60%)... Now, you want to go there? Let's talk incarceration... Hispanic are 16% of the population and count for 19% of the incarceration, just second to the black numbers of 13% and 40% incarcerated... Let's look after improving those numbers in our communities, fixing the inner cities problems ( by eliminating corruption - 16 or so billions in Baltimore not accounted for...etc.) so those numbers can come down before pouring more oil on the fire by overburdening the system...Anyhow, I am for looking after our countrymen and women first... I am sorry, I have children (White American) and I do care for them first and as much as I care for black American, of brownm, red, purple...etc. Am I racist? I do not think so Thank you for the civility of the post even if we disagree.
I call bullshit. Unless you can show proof, I highly doubt any family is getting 4800/month in assistance.