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Originally Posted by F32Fleet View Post
ROFL. Oh really? $4800/mo in Federal Aid eh? Here's a list of what federal aid illegals are eligible for:

Emergency medical treatment under Medicaid if the individual meets the other eligibility requirements and the medical condition is not related to an organ transplant procedure.

Immunizations for immunizable diseases and testing for and treatment of symptoms of communicable diseases.

Free public education for grades K-12.

Federally subsidized school lunch and school breakfast programs for those eligible for public education under state or local law.

So, please do tell where that $4800/mo of Federal Aid comes from for those "illegals"?
Identity theft

As for the other comment of bs yes it very plausible if you report having enough kids and apply for wic, food stamps, hud, and other aid/subsidies programs for those below the minimum living income, which when your exisit here is unlawful, your identification if fraudulent what preventing you from fogging numbers in applications as well.