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Everyone I work with is from the NE..mainly around Boston. Most of them made out like bandits as you can see from some of the pics on here what you can get in the South.

I'm think I'm only a couple hours away from Run Silent and Now_Rudi ....and we will probably end up moving in the next year or so as my wife wants to find our "Retirement Dream Home".

Not sure if we will stay around these parts...or move towards the guys mentioned above as we do own land not too far from Boone.

It will be interesting as I'm good with a house around 1800 SF. But I want something with a workshop that I can keep a coupe of extra cars in somewhere behind the house.

Since our daughter moved out, we find we don't really need a ton of space. My wife just wants land around us. But she grew up near Boone on 50+ she is used to it.
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