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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
Sweet. How bad is access in the winter?
Well - I've not spent a winter up here yet, but from what I understand - snowshoes are required. Neighbor who lives down the hill about 1/4 mile says that once or twice a year, you need to park at the bottom of the road and hike it. Most folks just leave their quads down at the bottom of the road in the winter and use those to get up to their homes if it gets bad. That's my plan. The road (which is basically my driveway) is about 1.5 miles and has about 1,100 ft of elevation climb. House sits at roughly 5,500 ft +/- 500 depending on where you are on the property.

Originally Posted by lsturbointeg View Post
LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! I got lucky with my house a few years ago as the wife and i bought this in December in the middle of winter where out here in Ohio nobody buys houses in the winter. most people start house shopping around Springtime. so we had a pretty good selection of homes to choose from as we were the only bidders on this house which is 4400 sq ft on 1/2 acre lot. it was listed for $360k and we got it down to $290k. the owner's were already moved out and in Cali and basically left the house in the real estate agent's hands.
Fantastic, sir! That is a very nice home for the money - well, a very nice home full stop. You did well.

Originally Posted by Rmtt View Post
Nice....looks like where my In-Laws are from. They have a ton of land back off to the NW about 20 minutes before you get to Boone NC.

Beautiful country!
Thanks - I am about 30 miles from Boone. Not far away at all. Come visit, I've got some moonshine soaked maraschino cherries for my guests.

Originally Posted by Yessir View Post
Holy Crap!!!. I live in SF Bay area too and man you get way more bang for the buck. 1mil in SF would get you a little 1000 sq. Ft shit hole fixer upper.
For reference, my friend just bought one of these units for rental income in my area. He paid $90,000. 2br 3ba, 1200 sf. w/ a 2 car garage. Only 10 minutes from the speedway too. Will rent for about $500 per day during those two weeks.

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