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Originally Posted by DPelletier View Post
The Supra's torque curve is almost identical to the Z4's up to about 4600rpm except it comes on a couple hundred rpm earlier. I read 3397 lbs for the Supra and 3443 for the Z4 so I don't think there is 200 lbs difference.

I agree that there is some software manipulation to get the torque so high for the hp; normally a 50hp difference would generate a much larger difference in times compared to what we have seen so far..... though the vast majority of comparisons have been with the neutered euro version of the Z4. It would seem that the version we get here has basic performance parity with the Supra despite the hp difference. I'll chalk it up to the Supra having similar torque figures, power coming on a bit earlier and the slight weight advantage. 0-60 may be similar, in the quarter the extra hp should show itself but I wouldn't expect much of a difference.

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I thought the Supra was spooling quicker, too, but look again at the very beginning of each dyno run right near 2k rpm - looks like the Supra dyno run involved flooring the gas pedal a little earlier than the BMW run did so there probably isn't too much of a spool difference between the two engines if you floor it at exactly the same RPM.

Once the turbos actually begin to spool, the slope of Supra's curve is very slightly more steep but not nearly as much of a difference as those two particular dyno runs indicate since the Supra's run is "shifted to the left" due to starting from a lower RPM.