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Originally Posted by PoorLurker View Post
platform looks nice bosstones

have you had any issues with the screws in the mat next to the plywood causing damage on your weights?

I am happy to hear that the Peloton is working well for you and your wives. I just bit the bullt and bought my wife a Peloton. Earliest delivery is mid January! WTH!

So now I am throwing in the towel and ordering gym equipment for myself. I can't believe how hard it is to find bumper plates and weights in general these days! Yikes! Only people who have bumpers in stock is Eleiko. I can only afford 10lbs at their rates.
Thanks! Nope, no issues. I used decking screws and embedded them barely below the surface of the stall mats. Being rubber, the mat material forms around the edges of the screw heads. Plus, the spacing of everything vs the barbell length helps further mitigate damage to the plates. I just have regular iron plates and no issues to date.

I'd adding in a high pulley so I'll be adding floor anchors to the rack (anchor to the subfloor of the lifting platform). So much for having gotten a rack w/ feet vs floor anchored. lol